Moving pets

Man and van companies in Peterborough may not move living creatures such as dog, parrot, or cats so you may need to take responsibility for moving any pets yourself. You need to take care of their psychological behavior and you need to make sure that they are kept safe during transit. You may find any professional pet services that will do the same job for you other than man with van service in Peterborough. You can put your pets into kennels for a day or so until you have sorted the things for your move.

If you are using a man and van company in Peterborough, you may ask a specific type of container or box that your pet will travel in. Most of you may already have a travel baskets for your pets and they are fine too.

On they day of your move, you should put your pet somewhere in quite and secure place. The packing up of your items can be a chaotic, loud and confusing process for your pet. So it’s good to close them in a separate room until you are ready to move them. Put a large notice on the door stating not to open the door.

If a man and service in Peterborough is taking responsibility of your pets, make sure they provide plenty of food and water and some familiar items for your pets to keep them happy. The specials boxes and containers should have proper adequate ventilation and leak.

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